Whenever you call to mind herbal skincare products, the brand that comes to mind is most invariably Shahnaz Husain. Since the inception of this cosmetics brand in the Indian market, it has offered us many remedies in the sphere of skin care and hair care solutions. Yet another new product in an effort to benefit us is the Shahnaz Husain Shamoist moisturiser. The intense moisturising property of the product offers the ultimate solution to dry and chapped skin. Your skin needs day-to-day moisturisation, in order that the PH balance of the skin is maintained. The Shamoist moisturiser does this by hydrating your skin and making it glow. For best results apply it day-to-day on your face and neck each night throughout before going to bed.

Enriched with and cucumber extract and aloe vera juice, the Shamoist moisturiser offers intense care and gives proper nourishment to your skin. The soothing and cooling effects of aloe vera and cucumber reinforce your skin tone. Instilled with antifungal and antibacterial properties, the moisturiser protects your skin from unwanted reactions.

Shahnaz Husain is a renowned brand that prides itself on utilizing nature’s best resources and avoiding needless chemicals. Harmful chemicals are unsafe for your skin and can even result in allergic reactions. The moisturiser may be infused with an SPF formula that protects your skin from the rays of the sun that cause skin tanning. It soothes the skin making it softer and suppler. For best results, use the Shahnaz Husain moisturiser 100ml night and day to get beautiful, glowing skin.

Quantity: 100ml; Item Form: Cream
A premium moisturizing formulation, it offers the ultimate answer to skin care needs; It offers the ultimate answer to skin care needs, specially reinforced with aloe vera juice and cucumber extract
It provides a surge of moisture to the skin, enhancing skin texture; It tones and nourishes the skin, leaving it smooth
For All Skin Types
Usage: Apply on clean skin at any time. Leave it on to get absorbed. Use incessantly for best results.
Target Audience: Women
Package Contents: 1 Shamoist Plus