Nippon cricket set senior kit bag made of non-toxic virgin plastic, strong sturdy and fine finish, to be had in different colours, optimum for ages 8 to 10 years, aids hand eye co-ordination. Bat length approx. 26 Inches or 8. 5*4*65 Cms, 1 bat, 2 ball 4 wicket, 1 big base, 1 small base and 2 wills packed in a kit bag. Along side a complimentary gift. The product brought to you by deal bindaas. Com a unit of Lehar internet store pvt ltd brings to you an assortment of learn and play games which might be made of durable subject material with fine work of detailing and great visual appeal. This selection of products aims to permit your child to explore new thing by do it yourself kits with their pals and parents. Create memorable times beyond the vicinity of your house. Reinforce coordination in kids. Helping your little ones grow independent indulge in these powerful games and enjoy sheer thrill and action packed activity games. Bring home these products and watch your kid jump with joy.

Colour might vary, good item for home cricket
Cricket bat length 25 5 inches, 65x9x4 cms, age 7-10 years and for height of child 4 6 feet
Content – 1 bat, 2 ball, 4 wickets, 2 base, 2 bails
Made of non-toxic virgin plastic, strong sturdy and fine finish