Nature’s Veda Dasapushpam Baby Oil (150ml)


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The OIL of Care : Infant skin is sensitive and tender hence requires protection and nourishment. 100% natural Dasapushpam (10 sacred flowers) skin immunity oil is a powerful Ayurvedic oil which acts as a skin & scalp tonic and protector. The 10 sacred flowers are infused in the purest oil- virgin coconut oil. The OIL of Heritage : The Ayurveda healers of Kerala have been the use of Dasapushpam traditionally to make oils to fight skin diseases, especially in infants. Some of the herbs in this group has strong proven anti-microbial activity and can prevent an array of skin diseases. The oil made out of Dasapushpam is a great solution to everyday skin problems like dry skin and help to succeed in a lustrous complexion. Due to this fact Dasapushpam oil was once used to massage the new-born day by day before a herbal bath. This practice ensured proper build up of immunity in the new born and adequate skin care. Nature’s Veda lineage is 3 generations of Ayurvedic physicians from Kerala. The base oil we use for Dasapushpam Baby Oil is Pure Virgin Coconut oil hence it is going to harden below 22 Degrees but this will not have an effect on the quality or the efficacy of the Oil. This ensures that the formulation of this skin immunity oil is authentic and has stood the test of time.
Nourish and Moisturise the Skin
100% Natural and Ayurvedic
Prevents Dry Scalp, Dry Skin and Diaper Rash
Nourishes the Scalp and promotes healthy hair growth
Improves overall skin immunity