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(As Of February 15, 2019, 1:54 pm)

The Mee Mee Baby Wet Wipes are enriched with Aloe Vera Extracts which keep your baby’s skin from drying up after a rigorous cleaning session. The wipes are soft and gentle, but also very effective. These are made of a spun lace, non-woven fabric and are also free of alcohol, making it protected and ideal for the usage of on babies too. Those who are frequently sensitive to such products need not worry at all since these are hypoallergenic and thereby protected for your precious baby. These baby wet wipes are gentle enough for your baby’s hands and face and being coupled with a soothing scent, making you wish to have to hold her even closer to you. Each package contains around 80 wipes this means that that it lasts a long time so you wish to have not worry about being left without them. The packaging makes it easy to carry around, be it in your hand bag or your baby’s diaper bag. You shall never be left unprepared again! These Mee Mee wipes don’t seem to be only good for cleaning, but these wipes also instantly cool the area wiped, giving relief to both your baby and you. Be careful to avoid the area around the eyes though, and make sure that your baby does not swallow or attempt to chew on them. To keep the wipes super fresh, all the time store them in a cool place and away from heat or direct sunlight. Heat dries up the tissues, making it difficult to clean your baby when in need. Also, these wipes will have to not be flushed as they may clog your drainage system.
Thoroughly cleanses baby’s delicate skin
Enriched with aloe vera extracts that give a cooling and soothing effect to baby’s skin
Hypoallergenic ingredients and dermatologically tested, Made of spun lace, non-woven material
100 percent bacteria free
Alcohol free





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