Size:Serum, 40ml

Nourish and rejuvenate your ageing skin with this Biotique Bio Dandelion Visibly Ageless Serum and win hearts and appreciation from all.

Biotique aims to stimulate your skin’s ageless vitality with the introduction of this product. This Visibly Ageless Serum is an efficient and preservative free blend of natural ingredients like pure dandelion and nutmeg oil which are rich in vitamin E and minerals. These natural constituents can lend a hand to brighten your skin tone, lighten dark spots and reduce wrinkles, to be able to be admired by all for your flawless complexion. The deep rooted action of the ingredients can nourish your skin cells with Vitamin E and minerals, which helps to restore your skin texture and tone. Except for having skin brightening benefits, the product promises to aid in microcirculation and cell regeneration which can reduce the fine lines and dark spots on your skin. The Biotique Bio Visibly Ageless Serum comes with no harsh chemicals, and is made with naturally derived botanical ingredients, which makes it a secure option for you. But even so, like all Biotique products, this serum is made with completely biodegradable and environment friendly ingredients and no synthetic fragrances or artificial preservatives have been used. On regular application of this natural serum, twice in a day, it can rejuvenate your cell membranes and help you shine bright with a more fit skin. Being derived from pure plant extracts, it can assure you of its quality, which can also be reason enough to buy Biotique Bio Ageless Visibly Ageless Serum.

Quantity: 40ml; Item Form: Lotion
This lightening serum is a rare combination of pure dandelion; Rich in Vitamin E and minerals, blended with nutmeg oil
Regular Use helps in brighten skin, fade dark spots and ease away wrinkles for a flawless complexion
Skin Type: For All Skin Types
Usage: Massage a couple of drops into cleansed face and neck, before moisturizer, morning and evening.
Target Audience: Men & Women
Package Contents: 1 Serum