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Ayurveda is a vast medicinal science. It’s said to have been originated in India about 5000 years back. Unlike other medicinal systems, Ayurveda focuses more on healthy living than remedy of diseases. The main concept of Ayurveda is that it personalizes the healing process. In step with Ayurveda, the human body is composed of four basics-the dosha, dhatu, mala and agni. There’s immense significance of most of these basics of the body in Ayurveda. These are also known as the Mool Siddhant or the basic fundamentals of Ayurvedic remedy. Through 10 chapters, the writer Dr. Murli Manohar explains the diseases associated with digestive system, respiratory system, heart and circulatory system, nervous system, urinary system, joint diseases, skin and hair problems, eye problems, problems specific to females and other miscellaneous health issues. He has made it easy to take into account every disease by giving its symptoms, self-assist guidelines and specific remedies.